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Learning Bridge Foundation was born with the interest of providing help to those who need it most within vulnerable sectors. Our institution has been providing social assistance services in the educational field through agreements with municipalities to provide development opportunities. However, our social interest has motivated us to seek and provide aid to these same sectors through international cooperation.


The objective of the Learning Bridge Foundation is through financial and physical donations to help mitigate the social and economic effects that are the result of the worldwide health situation. The focus of this aid is communities that are and will be affected by the economic effects of this critical stage.


The execution of the help provided is given jointly with the entities that we have already worked with for a long time. The first instance, which are economic donations, is directed towards the acquisition of and delivery of medical devices to control this pandemic. In the same way, it is managed to deliver groceries and basic needs for families that do not have economic income to cope with the situation.


Secondly, donations of instruments, supplies, clothing or equipment are destined for sectors that have been economically and logistically affected. In other words, this type of aid is directed towards schools or colleges in rural communities that are affected by an economic recession within our country.



The mission of the Learning Bridge Foundation is to help peoples and communities to break economic and cultural barriers linking them with the entire world.

Nuestro interés se basa en generar vinculaciones con pueblos y culturas hacia el mundo dándose así una compartición mutua de cultura.


The vision of the Learning Bridge Foundation is to generate a multicultural community of different nationalities where social awareness is a fundamental pillar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What entity governs the Learning Bridge Foundation?

Learning Bridge Foundation is a Social Organization with Legal Personality granted and controlled by the Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio de la Republica del Ecuador. Denoted in an article of the statutes of our constitution, the Learning Bridge Foundation is subject to control and audit by this institution.


Who will benefit from the donations made?

All the donations made will be directed towards vulnerable communities in cantons such as Montufar, Pujili, Nangaritza, Santiago de Méndez and Yacuambi. An important aspect to emphasize is that the help provided is coordinated with authorities in these same sectors.


How can donations be made?

Within our website the accounts of the financial institutions where the economic disbursements can be made will be specified.

In the case of physical donations, it is necessary to contact a project ambassador who will guide you through each step to carry out this process.


How do I show the help given?

All aid given through the Learning Bridge Foundation will be reflected through expense reports and delivered to each donor. An important aspect is that you as a donor can closely experience the entire procedure of help with reports and testimonies, as well as getting to know the people benefited by photos, letters or video calls.


Can I be an ambassador for the project?

If you are a person with a social conscience and you want to provide help to sectors that need it, you can be part of this organization by contacting us through the form that is on our website.

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Cristobal de Troya y Fray Vacas Galindo

Edificio Derechos Humanos, planta baja.

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Antigua fábrica Imbabura.

Pujilí Office:

Juan Salinas y Rafael Morales

Santiago de Méndez Office:

Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado Municipal de Santiago de Méndez

Yacuambi Office:

Av. Principal Zamora, Antiguo Jardín Aurora Estrada

Virginia, USA Office:

1022 Salisbury Court, Sterling,Virginia

Pasto, Colombia Office:

Tamasagra II, Manzana II, casa 13.


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